Forget the Pain of Sciatica

Forget the Pain of Sciatica

Sciatica, also known as the sciatic nerve is the longest human body. Because of this, when there is some inflammation, it is capable of producing an uncomfortable pain that can extend from the ribs to below the knee. Today you will learn how to eliminate the pain of sciatica.

It can generate complete or partial immobility. Although the correct rest can contribute to its disappearance, it should not extend for more than 1 or 2 days as this type of inactivity could eventually exacerbate all symptoms.

The main cause of this condition is the condition of a vertebral disc. However, we can suffer from these pains due to the lack of magnesium, accumulation of toxins from our body at the joints or low levels of complex B. If you wish to avoid the use of anti-inflammatories and analgesics which are usually known to cause a Great number of side effects, or do not possess the possibility of performing other alternative therapies such as beneficial acupuncture, we tell you that there are many types of natural remedies capable of avoiding this condition.

Natural Remedies for Sciatica

The vast majority of the natural remedies you will see below are very simple to make and above all very economical!

Potato and celery juice

The recipe is very simple, the subject is that it requires an extractor or a similar appliance to be able to obtain the juice of celery and potatoes enough to be able to drink one glass per day.


Apply a little arnica in the area where you suffer the pain.

Cold / hot compresses

During the first 2 or 3 days of therapy you should perform the applications in cold, so we recommend wrapping an ice pack or frozen vegetables in a towel and place it in the affected area for at least about 20 minutes repeating the process several times a day.

Then you can do the same procedure but using hot compresses and alternate if the pain is still persistent.


Turmeric is an herb with great scientifically proven anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply it throughout the affected area a kind of ointment that you can achieve from the mixture of a little turmeric, butter oil and other herbs such as bagpiper longum and roots of the genus Allium.

Milk and garlic

A great recipe is to mash in half a cup of milk about two cloves of garlic and drink the mixture without chewing the garlic cloves. It is imperative to take this combination once in the morning and again at night before going to sleep.

Celery tea

This advice is very simple and economical. Just place several celery sticks, previously washed, in a pot filled with boiling water. Be sure to lower the fire and perform a check until the water turns completely green. You will need to drink at least two cups per day.

Horse tail

You can get this infusion at any supermarket. By drinking about three cups per day of an infusion of horsetail you will be able to clean and desinflamar the urinary tract and eliminate uric acid effectively. You can also suppress other types of toxins that are usually accumulated in the joints and in the body.


You only need to macerate about 50 grams of willow bark in a liter of water for the duration of one night. The next day, you will have to boil for about 15 minutes and then let it stand. Finally you must pass the preparation through a strainer and drink at least 3 cups per day after each meal.

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