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Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are essential from two points of view:
- Because our organism is not able to produce them.
- On the other hand, as a result of stress (eg after training or lack of nutrients) the muscles first use these amino acids.
In addition, leucine directly stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins!

In the human organism the amino acid of greater concentration is glutamine. The importance of glutamine is deduced from the fact that 60% of the free amino acids of muscles can be made from this amino acid. During a stress state (such as during and after training) the body is no longer able to meet the demand for glutamine, which is considerably higher. In this state glutamine becomes a conditionally essential amino acid.

Together with muscle tissue, the digestive system and the immune system also need lots of glutamine. The benefits that can be expected from glutamine supplementation are: release of growth hormone, increase in cell volume, increase in glycogen synthesis, decrease in fatigue, boost immune system, improve liver and liver health bowels.

With glutamine supplementation you can always maintain the optimal level of glutamine, maximize cell volume, and as a result, with each workout you can build bigger and stronger muscles. BCAA BLACK ORANGE 500 GRS by BLACK EXTREME LABS® is both anabolic (because it enhances protein synthesis and release of anabolic hormones), and anti-catabolic (because it lowers catabolism of muscles and supplies energy to cells )

Presentation: container of 500 gr.

How to use: As a food supplement, take 2 saucepan (10 grs) after the training, or as directed by the nutritionist.

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BCAA BLACK ORANGE is a combination of bcaa's and glutamine for after training. Amino acids increase muscle recovery, delay fatigue and increase strength.

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