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KEY 21X PRO 100 CAP.

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BLACK EXTREME LABS® KEY 21X is an advanced thermogenic action formula specifically designed for the active athlete.

With the clinically proven effectiveness of its 21 synergistically acting ingredients, this formula will help you eliminate stored body fat, while increasing energy, improving insulin function, helping you eliminate excess fluid Reduce the feeling of appetite.

A review of its ingredients, allows us to evaluate the qualities of the product:

Green tea extract: contains a large amount of polyphenols, which reduce cholesterol and due to the presence of xanthines has central nervous system stimulating properties that facilitate cortical activity and a diuretic effect. The ginsenosides act by means of hormonal receptors in the hypothalamus, helping in the thermogenesis, accelerating the metabolism and therefore vital in the aid for the loss of weight.

Coleus foskholii: this plant belongs to the mint family, enhances the natural function of the thyroid gland which is crucial for long-term weight loss.

Caffeine: contributes to weight loss by suppressing appetite, burning calories by speeding up the metabolism and acting as a mild diuretic.

Theobromine: This plant from which the cocoa is extracted is rich in caffeine alkaloids and allows the delivery of an extra supply of energy, stimulate the central nervous system, and has diuretic properties.

Black pepper extract: inhibits the formation of fat cells, stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, facilitates intestinal evacuation, combats fluid retention and stimulates metabolism by increasing caloric expenditure and burning fat.

Arginine alfa ketoglutarate: because of its metabolism helps to increase muscle mass while reducing body fat.

Cayenne Pepper Extract: Contains capsaicin that raises norepirefrin levels and helps increase metabolic rate by promoting fat burning.

Guarana Extract: This plant contains a high content of caffeine and helps to stimulate the central nervous system, allows a supply of energy through the guarinin that is released slowly, helps to reduce appetite and acts in the transformation Of fat into energy.

Extract of yerba mate: has active principles called catechins, stimulants of the central nervous system and thermogenic properties. Mateine ​​is what makes yerba mate a tonic, a stimulant that fights mental and physical fatigue, favors intellectual work and has the ability to soothe appetite.

Bitter orange extract: from the husk, bitter orange extract produces the stimulation of Beta-3 receptors and induces an increase of lipolysis and beta-oxidation of fats, facilitating the mobilization of fatty deposits through Acceleration of metabolism and thermogenesis. It also improves overall fitness by reaffirming muscle mass and reducing the appetite sensation.

L-carnitine tartrate: it is responsible for metabolizing fatty acids from adipose tissue transporting them to cellular mitochondria where they are oxidized for energy production. Through L-Carnitine our body can reduce fatty deposits without destroying muscle proteins during training.

Magnesium carbonate: it works by reducing gastric or stomach acidity, has a slight osmotic laxative function without producing any type of intestinal irritation and adds magnesium naturally.

Bitartrate Hill: Its main function is to transport fat from the liver and burn it to produce the energy the body needs. It can be a major help in balancing cholesterol levels as it promotes the production of HDL

White willow bark extract: its main properties are due to salicin, in such a way the intense burning of fat can be lengthened for longer, it also protects and decongests all areas affected by cellulite.

Naringin: is a flavonoid extracted from the grapefruit peel, which facilitates the acceleration of the basal metabolism in a way that allows a greater fat burning (thermogenic effect).

Phenylananine: it is an amino acid that in the body is transformed into tyrosine, norepirefrina and dopamine and improves the production of insulin of the organism.

Coenzyme Q-10: It is important in weight loss in a natural way, since it helps the production of energy and stimulates the body's metabolism.

Bioperine: is a thermogenic nutrient that basically works to increase the absorption rate of all fat burning components and accelerate the lipotropic effects.

Zinc Citrate: Zinc is vital in the functioning of 70 enzymes among which we can name the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is of great help as an appetite regulator and to lose weight.

Vitamin B6: Increases muscle performance and energy production. This is because when there is a need for greater effort it favors the release of glycogen that is stored in the liver and muscles. It also helps in weight loss since it helps our body to get energy from accumulated fats.

Chromium Picolinate: acts at the metabolic level improving peripheral resistance to insulin and reducing fat, as it favors the acceleration of metabolism and the combustion of energy.

Presentation: pack of 100 capsules.

How to use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules 1 or 2 times a day (30 minutes before training and / or before meals). Start taking 1 capsule 1 or 2 times a day for the first 2 days to determine your tolerance. Do not take 5 hours before bedtime. Do not exceed 4 capsules daily.

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KEY 21X PRO 100 CAP.

KEY 21X PRO 100 CAP.

KEY 21X PRO is a fat burner from the thermogenic family made up of different burning plants attached to stimulants such as caffeine thus having a greater effect on weight and fat loss.

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