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Gold Tan Professional 200ml

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Gold Tan Professional for competition

Gold Tan Professional is a tanner that allows you to get a tan copper tan for competition.

Creates a long-lasting tan that does not fade or stain. It looks like an intense tan that highlights the shape of muscles.

Gold Tan Professional uses the latest in skin care ingredients along with tanning technology to deliver a perfect tan color.

The formula does not interfere with the natural tanning or tanning of a solar bed. The color is the most intense color available on the market. It offers the most reliable natural tan for fitness athletes, bodybuilders, models and for people who want to wear an excellent tan.

Gold Tan Professional is the instant color approved by the IFBB and NPC.

Gold Tan Professional is a sunless tanner that gives the skin a dark copper tone ideal for bodybuilding competitions. The self-tanner is applied on the skin, which takes in a few hours a dark copper tone, equal to a real tan caused by several days of exposure to the sun.

The golden tan of the self-tanner gives optic volume to the muscles and highlights the outline of the shapes to increase aesthetic beauty. The uniformity in color and the dark tone looks great with the oil to pose.

The self-tanner is applied by the skin evenly, as this allows the tan to be even. Once the product has its effect, the tan is durable and does not deteriorate, leaves no spots or is harmful to the skin. Of all the self-tanning machines available on the market, this is the one that gives the most intense tone, since it has been specially made for athletes who require a stronger tone for the competitions.

Gold Tan Professional has all the features of a perfect sunless tanner to achieve a perfect color for competitions.

Directions for use: Apply on clean skin. Spray directly on the sponge applicator, brush over desired areas of the body, apply with care on knees, elbows, ankles and joint lines. You will get an instant tan that serves as a guide for uniform application and darkens considerably in 3-5 hours. Allow 30 minutes to dry completely avoiding direct contact with clothing or water. Repeat if you want a darker tan. In the morning take a shower to remove excess color, allowing the tan to show to be natural.

Tip: Before application, wash the entire body for maximum darkness. Apply a moisturizing lotion on knuckles, elbows, wrists and knees to prevent excessive tanning. You can use a hair dryer to dry after the application. Avoid on the palms of the hands.
Warnings: For external / topic use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use of the product if irritation occurs. This product does not contain sunscreens and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure to the sun without sun protection while using this product may increase the risk of skin aging and other side effects that are harmful to the skin even if it does not burn.


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Gold Tan Professional 200ml

Gold Tan Professional 200ml

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