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CARNI 1000 60 CAP.

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CARNI 1000 by BLACK EXTREME LABS® provides 1000 mg. Of L-Carnitine Tartrate per service, which together with a suitable exercise program and a calorie diet will help you mobilize fats for their oxidation, transforming them into energy

L-Carnitine is a nutrient similar to amino acids, derived from beta-hydroxybutyric acid and was discovered and isolated in 1905. Its synthesis is done through the kidneys, liver and brain, from 2 essential amino acids: Lysine and methionine.

The main actions of L-Carnitine are the combustion of fats causing an increase in energy, protection of muscle mass, delayed muscle fatigue and decreased appetite.

The most well-known and perhaps most important function of L-Carnitine is its intervention in the metabolism of fats since it allows the transport of fatty acids accumulated in the blood into the interior of the cellular mitochondria where they are oxidized for the later Energy production. By means of an enzymatic process the fatty acids are beta-oxidized, thus becoming ketones. Long chain fatty acids can not cross the inner membrane of the mitochondria but through L-Carnitine.

When there are insufficient levels of L-Carnitine, fat deposits can not be used as "fuel" and begin to accumulate in the blood (producing dyslipidemia), in body cells, adipose tissue, or arteries promoting obesity.

Several clinical studies show that L-Carnitine helps to increase work and endurance, this is due to the combustion of fats in energy, in this way, our body reduces the depletion of muscle glycogen.

It has also been shown to improve cardiovascular system and cardiac muscle performance, as it improves heart functions by stimulating increased energy use and in some studies it is concluded that it contributes to reduced muscle and liver glycogen utilization, which Represents an improvement in aerobic endurance and a greater capacity for energy production for a longer time.

When practicing sports such as cycling or athletics L-Carnitine causes the athlete to increase VO2 MAX, which means an improvement in the entire system of transport and use of oxygen to produce energy, thus generating a higher performance.

When L-Carnitine is combined with weight training, it has been observed that it decreases the muscle damage produced during exercise, directly improving the recovery capacity and also, because there is a greater availability of androgen receptors favors a greater use of the Endogenous testosterone (produced by our own body), which implies better recovery and indirectly an increase in muscle mass.

Presentation: container of 60 capsules.

How to use: As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 capsules a day about 30 minutes before training or after the main meals with plenty of water or as directed by the nutritionist.

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CARNI 1000 60 CAP.

CARNI 1000 60 CAP.

CARNI 1000 is an amino acid that contributes to oxidize fats favoring their elimination when used as fuel. It is recommended for weight loss when there is a regular aerobic exercise.

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